It’s an amazing time we live in.

When the WeTalkChalk team first began street painting so many years ago, we were rushing out
to the local 1 hour photo lab to have that 35 milimeter film developed. We couldn’t wait to see how the photos of that weekends street painting had turned out. Of course, there were hundreds of photos to filter through because we were so worried about capturing every inch and moment of the work knowing it would be washed away in a few hours. Only after picking out the 4 or 5 best pics could they be scanned into photoshop, color corrected, resized, and printed for the street painting portfolio.

Fast forward to 2011 where we can snap a photo and upload it to our blog, twitter, facebook, and WeTalkChalk website all while finishing up the last few strokes of chalk on the asphalt. It’s remarkable how many people can see our work in the very minutes we are creating it with just a few taps of a finger. In this new media craze we want to take advantage of these amazing outlets and provide our clientel with the best possible marketing opportunities while creating a well rounded artistic experience for their audience.

It used to be street paintings were defined as old master style images created in soft pastel on the asphalt. Well, with the media craze came the 3D craze & we are definitely on board. WeTalkChalk has the capabilities to create amazing images in mind bending 3D or tromp’loeil styles but also to integrate fine art, sculpture, set design, murals, videography, and performance art into our street painting presentations. All while providing our clients with a social media campaign which can include a live stream or time lapse of our entire event to reach a worldwide audience. That’s a long way from the old 35 milimeter.

3d street painting
Mermaid tail created by WeTalkChalk partner Kumpa Tawornprom.