Lynn Okimura has been bringing her brilliant directive eye, industry professionalism, and intricate painting skills to our We Talk Chalk team for almost a year now. She originally joined our studio team last August when we were under the gun to create a Guinness World Record breaking painting, commissioned by Smirnoff, in Bangkok’s Siam Center. Since then she has had her hand in almost every WTC project.

A California native with roots from Hawaii, Lynn is a talented UCLA alum with a BFA in Fine Art and an MFA in animation whose work has aired on tv and in New York’s Times Square. She’s animated on HBO’s “The Life and Times of Tim” and mixed media shorts for Disney.  She has shown at film festivals across the country including The Hawaii International Film Festival, The San Diego Asian American Film Festival, The Los Angeles Visual Communication Film Festival, Seattle’s Bumbershoot Arts Festival, and New York’s Animation Block Party.

Being a classic overachiever, Lynn has her hand in multiple artistic ventures including being a Co-owner and Art Director of the and an Assistant Professor for the UCLA School of Film and CalArts where she has taught Interactive Animation and Mixed Media.

We are very happy to have Lynn on our WTC team.  She will join , Ever, Remco and I this week in Denver for our special project with ‘Concert’s for Kids’