David at work in We Talk Chalk Studios. Interview by Rick Madera

David Lee is an amazing painter with experience in 3-D street painting as well as photorealism. When he was a child, his mother would throw newspaper in his crib to stop him from crying, he would distract himself by ripping the newspaper into shreds.  David explained that this still applies to his life today.  Although he does not shred newspaper anymore as a pastime, he still uses his hands to create art as a personal expression.

As David got older, his aunt sparked his love of creating art when she purchased his first acrylic paint set. A copy of a Rembrandt painting he would see at his neighbor’s house from time to time also inspired him. It’s because of that Rembrandt painting that he appreciates paintings with beautiful images that emerge from darkness. In addition to his families encouragement, he also had a great mentor at the Boys and Girls Club in Oceanside who financially supported several art painting courses for him, which refined David’s art skills.

David enjoys painting people or life-like objects as well as sports themes…He’s a huge Charger’s fan!!  His dream project is to go to small towns and paint murals that best convey each town’s story because every town has a past, a present, and a story to tell.

David responded to We Talk Chalk because we create work similar to his usual public art projects.  His first task in creating a 3-D anamorphic painting with us was to fill on a huge 30 x 40 foot image for Toyota which was on display at SEMA, Las Vegas. As a muralist He feels 3-D street painting is similar to creating a painting on the wall.  It’s just horizontal.  David describes working with We Talk Chalk as being like a member of the band, where every member plays an important role; the bass and drums are the foundation while the guitar and trumpet add the finesse.

We are happy to have David as a member of our band.