Since my last post, I had the opportunity to expand the Shark painting at the Monte Carlo by creating a digital addition around the existing painting.  We wanted to make sure that people were drawn into the space to view and pose with the shark – really transform the space as a whole.  Monte Carlo’s Marketing team had the idea of using printed vinyl to cover the entire cement space around it.  – Brilliant!

I digitally created an expanse of water with a dock that runs from the Shark painting to the sidewalk, life preserver, and floating planks for people to pose on. The trick was creating something large enough to cover such a huge space but not detract from the painting itself. Here are some fun pics of how it all turned out. The marketing team, who you can see posing on the first pic, create a fun ‘SHARK – NO SWIMMING’ sign!  Love it.

If you’re in the Vegas area, the ‘Shark’, along with ‘Desert or Dessert’ will be on display through 2017.

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