It’s a new year for all of us – including the artists here at We Talk Chalk! As we look forward to the many new paintings that will come along this year, there are a couple of recommendations we can give new clients as they consider their design.

• 3D paintings involve making vertical elements look realistic – in order to do this, consider what 3D elements will be part of your design.  Architectural? Objects? Organic, such as trees and so on? It can help to keep in mind that the design will most likely be vertical in design because of these elements, i.e. taller rather than wider.  And that the more these painted items are “Above ground” the longer – and more distorted – the design will be.  Putting the elements below the ground and below the natural eye level will help them stay less distorted in the painting, which, in turn, makes them easier to understand if your viewer isn’t looking through a camera.

• Most companies think almost immediately about brand, and how to include it in the painting – but most of the viewing public is savvy enough to know when they are getting an ad pushed at them.  If you can keep the branding down to a minimum you will naturally get more public response in photo sharing, interest in the painting and so on.  Choosing a design that is fun and creative captures the interest of your viewer.  This can be a hard sell with many companies, but try to remember what the final goal is.  This doesn’t mean no branding at all, but whatever can be done to keep it subtle will help, more than you realize.  In the long run, 100 shares because of subtle branding is more successful than 10 shares because the image was overloaded with advertising.  And creativity can bump that image from 100 shares to 1000…and isn’t that really the point?!