Paper to Canvas

Since starting We Talk Chalk in 2012, I’ve designed almost every painting that we’ve produced.  On average we’ve been creating about 100 paintings per year with our incredible team.  So, I usually design 2-3 paintings a week. And considering I sketch 2-3 designs for the client to choose from, that’s over 300 sketches a year. lol…I didn’t actually realize that until now.  Most sketches start out with a simple pencil or digital sketch and turn into full color renderings.  This is nice because it lets the client know exactly what they will get.  No surprises.  It also allows our studio artists and assistants to see what I’m thinking for each and every inch of the painting.  I can’t always spend a full day painting so I rely on my amazing artists and assistants to get things going while I’m creating sketches for the next painting.

My favorite designs are usually the ones where the clients allow us free reign (or close to it) on concepts. Of course, it’s always important to make sure our clients are happy and we convey their message in an intriguing way but it doesn’t mean we always ‘love’ the designs 🙂   And more often then not, the client won’t choose our favorite sketch…which means I have a ton of sketches that are just waiting to be used for another cool project.  Here are a few sketches from 2016 that weren’t chosen!

All my sketches end up in Photoshop, even if started in pencil, for finishing touches and sending off to client.  I’m using a Mac Pro, Wacom Cintiq 27 HD (which I LOVE), and an Epson 1400 Printer.  When I’m traveling I use the Wacom Cintiq Companion.  They make my work so much easier. Can’t live without them 🙂

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