We run our business basically from hotel rooms, airplanes, our studios in Southern California, and the countless painting locations we transform throughout the year. We manage our bank accounts, transactions, appointments, communications, and more via a few apps on our iPhones. You”d think the key to the success of our Street Painting Company would be more about the brushes and the paints or pastels we use. That”s a big part of it, of course, and we wouldn”t have a business or clients at all if we weren”t fluent in the language of the arts. But even the best talent can only take you so far without a bit of business sense.

Remco has worked hard to make sure the 3 of us are as mobile as possible when we are out on locations. It doesn’t matter where we are, we can share, edit and send everything within seconds. As long as we can find a wifi signal, we can do virtually anything. This not only helps us stay organized but also gives our clients the confidence that they chose the right Artists for their campaign.