Well, it’s taken a few days to recover from the craziness of a week long event of painting, but we are here to tell you that the paintings completed by both the teams of WeTalkChalk and Planet Streetpainting were a huge success – Five 3D paintings in all!

Melanie Stimmell Van Latum of WTC finished her composition on Sunday morning – accented by rock sculptures and even a live mermaid model that viewers could take their photo with, her painting was a huge hit with the crowd.  Lines of people waited for their photo opportunity, and it was the small details – always beautifully painted by master street

3d street painting
The live mermaid was a great draw for the camera-wielding public

painter Melanie – that really made the painting not just a nice visual effect, but also a stunning painting.  Melanie’s affinity for highly finished painting techniques and beautiful feminine forms combined well with the theme of mermaids and ocean to create a popular attraction at the festival.  Because of the fact that both Melanie and Julie’s paintings were  mostly composed of pastel work (paintings of this scale are often finished with painted pigments rather than pastel due to time constraints), the rich details and close up painting work yields a beautiful final product. Melanie’s final painting ended up being a 15’x33′ painting on the ground.

Melanie and Julie began their paintings on Tuesday morning, so the long wait and effort ended up building crowd anticipation. By the time the paintings were completed, both artists had amassed quite a collection of votes for people’s choice, not to mention new friends and fans a long the way!  The crowds at Sarasota tended to be very supportive as

3d street painting
Melanie's painting in the International Street Painting Festival in Sarasota turned out absolutely beautiful

a whole,and truly appreciative of the experience brought to them by the festival organizers, who brought in some of the top talent from around the world to make this festival one of the greatest gatherings of artists to happen in the street painting world.  Not only were WeTalkChalk and Planet Streetpainting in attendance, but also such notables as Kurt Wenner, Gregor Wosik, and Eduardo Relaro, not to mention some of the best Italian street painters to be found.  Painting in such company was both an honor and a pleasure, as well as a great learning experience for all involved.

By Sunday afternoon Julie’s painting was also completed – a 20’x30′ design based on the Baroque theme of “The Four Continents”.  Inspired by Rubens, but a completely original design, Julie’s painting included 8 figures – couples – representing the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and the America’s, as well as Neptune to represent the oceans, and a few random animals.  Some 3D paintings are aimed more at viewing in person and some are aimed more at viewing

3d street painting
a close up of Neptune and his seahorse located towards the back of the painting

through a camera.  While both types of paintings work okay in the opposite situation, their strongest qualities show in the one they were designed for.  Julie’s image was meant to be viewed more in person, a nod to the huge crowd that attended the festival.  As such, minimal anamorphic distortion was used to help viewing from the side angles, and, similar to Melanie’s work, a strong reference to finished painting technique was used to help show the painting’s refinement in person.  Julie’s love of Baroque themes and drama made for a dynamic use of forms within the painting that attracted a lot of viewers who came back throughout the week to watch as the painting reached completion.  By the end of the week the extreme size combined with the paint technique and long hours of work meant that a nice long rest was needed to recover!

3d street painting
9 figures and 600 square feet later, the painting was done!

As clouds began blowing in, the reminders of the temporary nature of street painting left all of the artists with an appreciation for Mother Nature waiting to wash off the paintings for at least a few more days.  Luckily the rain that had slowed down progress a few days earlier, as well as threatened that final afternoon managed to never come.  The next day was a typical Florida fall day and so the official “Viewing” day was sunny and beautiful – perfect for relaxing and enjoying a tough week of work.

the guys at Planet Streetpainting also found success with their paintings.  The final Lego Terra Cotta Warriors painting turned out fantastic and drew a lot of attention.  Two of the artists from the team went on to complete additional smaller 3D paintings on their own – Remco and Ruben – that were also well crafted and popular.  As a whole, the partners dominated much of the festival attention and were a nice addition to the beautiful paintings completed by other artists, as well as helping to make the 4th International Street Painting Festival a huge success!

3d street painting
One of Planet Streetpainting's final paintings at the Sarasota International Streetpainting Festival