Both Melanie and myself returned to Sarasota’s International Street Painting Festival this year with a lot of painting on the horizon – as well as deciding to complete our own 2D painting, we were also asked to be part of the small team of artists helping world renowned street painting master, Kurt Wenner, complete his 20’x60′ circus installation, which included a completely new element of a second, removed ground plane adding to the incredible illusion! This was a huge honor for both of us, and one that we not only enjoyed tremendously, but learned so much over the course of the 8 straight days on painting. One of the things that is so engaging about street painting for both of us is that, no matter how good you get, there are always new things to learn and try out – especially when it comes to illusion and the extreme mathematics used to create it! Other artists on the team came from all over the world – Italy, Germany, Australia, Mexico – and it was truly a pleasure to work with all of them. Kurt was very giving to everyone, sharing his techniques generosity, as a wonderful teacher as well as artist. Melanie and I felt honored towards the end of the week when we were part of the even smaller group asked to oversee the installation of the final pieces to the puzzle, as Kurt had to leave to head back home for other business. As we completed that installation, we were also working on our own painting, “The Gypsy Fortune Teller”, a 2D painting that was composited from various other photos and paintings to create a new design. After so much 3D work over the last 10 months, it was certainly nice to work on something that required fine tuned painting skills, one of the strengths we bring to the 3D world – not only have we mastered much of the 3D illusionary effects, but we bring an ability to paint that is far beyond the quality of most of our competition, making what we do a “cut above”. Being at Sarasota, and being able to capitalize on both ends of what we have worked so hard to become excellent at, was inspiring and thrilling for us, and a wonderful motivator to our quieter winter months, when we can plan designs for the next year and work in our studios on our oil paintings for a short bit!