Remco Alexander Van Latum is a native of The Netherlands where he spent the first 34 years of his life. With a strong background in New Business Development and Marketing, Remco worked with charities such as Unicef, The Red Cross, Dr’s Without Borders, and the World Wildlife Federation creating (tele)marketing campaigns.

He has been awarded The National Contact Center Award for Social Responsibility and he has lectured and lead courses in Communications and Sales for Telecom and Energy companies in the Netherlands.

remmie2-640x280Continuing his interest in social change, he traveled each summer to New York to work as a Special Needs Counselor and Program Director, assisting young adults with disabilities. In 2008 Remco moved to California where he started his own web development company, His clients include Von’s Companies, California Intercontinental University and Miss California USA. He was introduced to the street painting world when he & Melanie met in ’08. They were married a year later and make the perfect design duo. Together they founded the Street Painting Society and the Street Painting Academy.

He & Melanie live in Los Angeles with their son Luc, and a menagerie of pets.