Since my last post in April, I held our first Montross Mural Studio workshop and created 7 new murals in the neighboring town of Colonial Beach! It’s been a long summer of street painting and murals but the workshop was a highlight 🙂

So, the July Mural Workshop went really well and I had a great group of students. As mentioned in a previous post, I had an artist from Guatemala, 2 from Arizona, 3 local artists and our scholarship winner from Washington and Lee High School.  3 students were able to stay in our dorm style rooms which was really fun.  It was great to have a house full of talented artists!  And the fact that Remco, Luc, and Lyndsey were there made it even more fun!

We all had a great time together exploring the murals, the area, and our design skills.  What started out as a wildlife theme ended up as a bucolic farmland scene featuring Wild Turkey, stag, and farm-house. Bridget of Bridget’s Bouquet where we painted the mural, lives on Nomini Farm and really wanted us to represent the wild turkey in the painting.  And, of course, we gave it some 3D flare with the big turkey flying out of the top of the image.  What really made this workshop special was the great teamwork the students displayed throughout the class.  Though each student designed some part of the mural separately, we were able to pull together each element to create on cohesive design.  Then when it came to painting, everyone helped everyone. It was Wonderful!

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