For thousands of years, murals have colored the world’s most prestigious structures with inspirational artwork. Now, We Talk Chalk is bringing them to your location.

Led by Melanie Stimmell, a globally renowned street painter and muralist, our team offers onsite painting for any wall or ceiling—with options for both interior and exterior surfaces. Regardless of the size or scope of your needs, we’ll design and produce a beautiful (and completely unique) piece of art that’s sure to make an impact on patrons and passerby alike.

In fact, their uncanny ability to draw attention is exactly why murals have proven themselves to be a powerful medium for advertising and marketing objectives—and why they have already seen adoption among many of the world’s most elite hotels, casinos, and office buildings. For brands that need to tell a compelling, highly visual story, murals are an option that cannot be ignored.

For additional samples—or to discuss your unique needs—please contact us: