When the idea of Montross Mural Studio popped into my head Remco and I had a vision of it growing into a place that would host students and artists from around the globe.  ‘Dream big’ right?  I certainly did not expect to have that be the case for our first workshop or even within the first few years.  What I did expect was a few artists from the Northern Neck area to sign up for the inaugural 7 day workshop (this July) and see what it was all about.  Word would spread, and, hopefully, we would become a creative hub in what I consider a most magical and historic area.

We are exactly 3 months from the Grand Opening of Montross Mural Studio on July 6th and we have a ‘Few’ local artists signed up as well as an artist from across the country. Arizona to be exact. And pinch me, because we do, indeed, have our first international student.  She will travel all the way from Guatemala to Montross to learn, from me!  I am so honored to have anyone sign up at all this first round to be honest.  Remco says it’s the insecure artist in me but really…you never know what you willl succeed or fail at until you  try.  There are no guarantees…but in the words from my last post…Every ‘no’, gets you closer to the ‘yes’ that will change your life.  I think I just found my ‘YES’.