A few months ago We Talk Chalk received the first contact from an events company in Israel. Wanting to create the very first street painting festival in Israel, the company knew their chances of success would be greater if they reached out to artists who not only had the talent and ability to create beautiful work, but also had the experience and know how to make their event successful.

With over 35 years of experience between Melanie and Julie, who have both helped numerous events get off the ground, they made a smart choice. Just 3 short months later Melanie, Julie and 6 other international We Talk Chalk artists boarded planes and headed to Ramat Hasharon, a community outside of Tel Aviv, for the first Israeli 3D street painting festival. The 8 artists included, besides the partners, Genna Panzarella, also from the United States, Anat Ronen, an Israeli artist living and working in the U.S., Tony Cuboliquido from Italy, Remko Van Schaik and Ruben Poncia from the Netherlands, and Alex Maksiov from the Ukraine.

3d street painting
3d street painting

The We Talk Chalk artists combined to create 12 3D street paintings, and were joined by several local Israeli artists, some of whom were doing their very first 3D street paintings in addition to the We Talk Chalk work. 4 Days and 50 thousand people later, it was obvious to all that despite the heat and adverse weather conditions, the event was a HUGE success. Publicity reached all of the news stations and stretched from one end of the country to the other to draw in crowds that were willing to face the heat and audiences to pose with the 20 paintings in various interactions, as well as enjoy the other performing artists on site and concerts that happened in the evenings. The festival and our artists were visited by the president of Israel, Shimon Peres.

3d street paintingThe events people were thrilled with the response and are already planning next year’s event! The people of Israel were welcoming and SO appreciative of the work in front of them. Many have become new friends through Facebook and Twitter, and have sent along their own photos of the paintings for the artists to enjoy. And all will be looking forward to next year when the event happens again, even bigger and better, and we all have the chance to gather and create an amazing artistic accomplishment among old and new friends, bringing our beautiful art form to new faces who love finally seeing it come to life in front of them.

1 week later, the We Talk Chalk team of international artists have now returned home and are on to other projects, but the memories of such a fantastic experience are indelibly written in their minds.