Happy New Year! What a great 2015 it has been. We Talk Chalk had a very successful year and we created a lot of really exciting projects and had several repeat clients! I had a great time creating a few personal projects in The Netherlands last July for the World Street Painting Festival and another in Houston for the Via Colori Street Painting Festival. But as this year comes to a close I thought it was time for some revamping! So, I’m excited to start 2016 with a new look and feel for my personal website. The most exciting part of this is that everything I do can be found via MelanieStimmell.com My Street Painting, We Talk Chalk, Fine Art, Street Painting Academy, and new Blog are all accessible via my main menu and makes things so much easier! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

To make 2016 even more exciting, Remco and I are embarking on a new adventure…Montross Mural Studio! After returning from an amazing trip to Montross for the final stage of their revitalization project where 10 of my (We Talk Chalk) original murals grace the walls of the small town, population 320, we found we missed it dearly. It is such an incredible town and the people make it truly special so I can’t wait to return this summer to lead a mural workshop and retreat. It will be 7 days of creativity and inspirational scenery!


Please sign up if you are interested and I’ll be sending out info via email once we lock in dates and pricing.