It came as a nice surprise to see that both We Talk Chalk and Planet Street Painting made the Top 10 list of Greatest 3D Street Paintings!! Melanie Stimmell’s “Special Delivery” image which she created at the Milton Keynes Fringe Festival is #10. And the Planet Street Painting team made #8 with their Beatles tribute in Liverpool and #4 with their amazing Lego Terra Cotta Army designed by Leon Keer and painted in Sarasota, Florida.

2012 is proving to be a great first year for WeTalkChalk with International 3D Street Painting events in Thailand, Isreal, and Germany. Nationally, the team will create work for events in Florida, Wisconsin, Oregon, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona to name a few. All the while, sharing their love of the art form and giving workshops to curious young artists along the way.