3D Street Painting - We Talk Challk

3D Street Painting - We Talk Chalk


For those seeking to truly draw crowds, We Talk Chalk can help.

Beyond appearing as cornerstone talent for street painting festivals, we offer extensive event management and artist acquisition. Thus, we can ensure that not only will events be populated with targeted demographics, but that they’ll offer great impact through spectacular artwork.

Because making art is often more memorable than simply seeing it, we offer masterclasses and workshops for onlookers to receive hands-on instruction from our renowned team. We encourage both children and adults to enroll, and a great time is always had by all.

Naturally, an event doesn’t begin or end with time spent on-location. To this effect, We Talk Chalk drives engagement through social media and high-impact web marketing. Based on your needs, we can develop websites, online photo albums, festival hashtags, and even video from inside an event.

To learn more about We Talk Chalk’s past success—or to discuss your unique needs—please contact us here.