Last month, We Talk Chalk took on a new delicious and nutritious challenge for NUTRILITE™! It was their 80th year celebration!!  With all of the fruits and veggies bursting from the bottle, the colors really popped off the wall/ floor painting. This piece not only turned out to reference NUTRILITE’s “Color Yourself Healthy” Campaign perfectly, but also became of the the We Talk Chalk team’s personal favorites. It was very interesting to learn about how the different colors in fruits and veggies can not only benefit our bodies for today, but help better them for the future as well. The NUTRILITE™ brand offers you and your family a complete range of supplements and health-related products designed to address the nutritional needs of anyone at any life stage. It felt great to showcase this piece at the company’s private corporate event and have everyone as excited as we were that it turned out so fun and lifelike.