When we first began street painting, everything was created with soft pastel…most people would call it chalk painting because of how familiar we all are with the old school chalk boards and hopscotch from our generations childhood.  The early traditions of Street Painting…and the true Madonnari styles still present with traditional Italian street painters, still rely on the use of soft pastel alone.  Wether hand made or store bought…the beauty of soft pastel on asphalt is in the true Madonnari Culture.

It’s funny now to think about our company name…We Talk Chalk.  We rarely create an entirely soft pastel painting these days.  With the high demand of 3d street paintings for corporate events, advertising, and special events, clients really want to be able to become part of the work.  That requires something a little more durable then the traditional soft pastel.  These days we do our best to stay as flexible as we can because we know every event will be different.  Over the last year we’ve learned, and developed several options so we are able to create on those tricky surfaces we aren’t able to actually apply paint or pastel to. Whether it be a slick shopping center floor, a permit that only allows 5 hours for said event,  a location that won’t allow even the tiniest bit of tape touch the ground, or an event forecast full of torrential downpours, we have solutions.

We are ever evolving and standing up to new challenges presented to us by clients or locations.  We never say…’It can’t be done!’