It’s been about a month since we all returned from Bangkok and a week of painting the Ratchaprosong district red.  We had a blast creating 10 3D and 4D paintings for the Living Arts Festival and the Thai people loved seeing the process, and the finishes they were able to pose with.

Here are pics of the 10 paintings!

“Victim of Circumstance” by Leon Keer

“Merry Go Round Octopus” by Alex Maksiov

“Tree House” by Aimee Bonham

“Thai Dragon” by Julie Kirk Purcell

“World of Illusion” by Ruben Poncia

“Pinball Carousel Horse” by Tony Cuboliquido

“Frog Go Kart” by Remko Van Schaik

“Monster Slumber Party” by Lysa Ashley

“Popcorn Carousel” by Juandres Vera

“Spring Pig Celebration” by Melanie Stimmell Van Latum


With the Living Arts Festival coming to a close, We Talk Chalk Artist, Remko Van Schaik (The Netherlands) remained in Bangkok to create an incredible painting for the World Wildlife Fund.  The WWF commissioned We Talk Chalk upon hearing of our visit to Thailand.  We thought Remko was the perfect artist to create a life sized African Elephant in 3D.  We are so proud to be part of such an important cause.

“At the first-ever traditional Buddhist merit-making ceremony to pray for the tens of thousands of elephants poached annually, revered Thai Buddhist leaders called upon their congregations and other temples to reject the use and trade of ivory. Here the monks praying in a 3D elephant art installation by the renowned artist Remko van Schaik in the courtyard of one of Bangkok’s iconic temples.”  -WWF