It was Angry Birds Fever in Grant’s Pass, Oregon this passed week! The We Talk Chalk team created an incredible 1400 square foot 3D Street Painting featuring the infamous green pigs and and vengeful Angry Birds! All the festivities in honor of the 10th Annual Art Along the Rogue Street Painting Festival. Everywhere you looked people were wearing Angry Birds T-shirts, socks, hats, blankets, temporary tattoos, and even selling & eating Angry Birds candies!

The painting was designed by WTC artist Melanie Stimmell with the approval from Angry Birds creators, Rovio. Melanie, along with Remco Van Latum
Houston Based Artist Anat Ronen, spent the week creating the super popular creatures that not only spanned a 35 foot street, but also ran up the curb, sidewalk, and 18 foot wall. The whole process was featured via live stream on the teams site which had over 6,000 unique visitors over the 5 day event. Add that to the 10,000 visitors to the actual asphalt creation! Overall… an amazing event.

Special Thanks to Art Along the Rogue and especially Jeff Jones for seeing our vision.

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