From Asia to the middle east to Europe, as well as parts all over the U.S., members of the We Talk Chalk team have been making magic happen. Currently in the Netherlands, I”ve traveled here to work with Planet Streetpainting as a member of their team for two events – the Fringe festival in Amsterdam, and in a few days, the 3D Street Painting festival in Lelystad, where I”ll be teaching workshops and a master class as well as creating my own painting… busy!

I always enjoy working in Europe, but this trip has been especially nice. The weather has been phenomenal for this first half of the trip, and the painting I completed for Fringe was just a really fun painting to complete. I hear the weather next week will not be quite so memorable, so I”m enjoying it as it lasts :o) This week”s painting takes the pink rubber duck that is part of the Fringe branding, and playfully uses it in a giant sink of bubbles and soap set down into the ground. The painting was completed all with pigments and binder made to wash away when the event was over, but also allow for the public to take photos within the painting.

3d street painting
I was thrilled to work with Plant Streetpainting, and especially happy when fellow Planet Streetpainter Ruben Poncia stopped by to visit and helped me out a little with the painting. The best part of street painting for most of us is the experience itself – and every experience is better with a friend along for the ride!

~ Julie Kirk Purcell