It’s been a while since our last post, and for good reason. We’ve been busy for several months with a nationwide campaign for Coors Light. We created 6 paintings in 6 cities over the last 4 months. The first being Las Vegas, practically a stones throw from home, but we continued east accross the country to West Palm Beach, Austin, New York, San Diego, and Chicago. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of action since the first splash down in March and then one every few weeks. VWV, the events, was amazing in coordinaing the projects and scored some incredible locations for us to paint in. All were fantastic in their own

NY was one of our favorites – directly accross the street from the Flat Iron Building and had some beautiful interaction with our painting.
We had a visit from two NYU Ballet Dancers who leaped accross the span of the 15 foot image. San Diego was the most fun when it came to crowd interaction. we were at the Ocean Beach Chilli Cookoff and people were lining up to take pictures on our 3D street painting of Coors bottle, beach towel, surfboard, and splashing waves. The painting took quite a beating with all those feet bouncing in and out.

The last painting we did for Coors was the largest of the 6 and in one of the most amazing cities…Chicago. We were in NBC plaza and had a wonderful reception from the locals and the tourists. Right accross the street from the Wrigley building which has to be one of the most unique and lovely buildings in Chicago. We really enjoyed the view.

Working on the project for so long we had the opportunity to get to know the members of the VWV and Olsen marketing teams and really were sad to see our last project come to a close. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity in the future.

We couldn’t be happier about We Talk Chalk landing on the pavement so strong in it’s first year. Sprinkled in between our tour with Coors, we’ve had projects
in Thailand, Corpus Christi, The Texas Art Association, E3, The Venetian, Truth Anti-Tobacco, and the City of Ramat Hasharon in Israel (from which I am writing
this post). It would be an understatement to say how grateful we are for all these amazing projects and opportunities.